Lab Members


Principal Investigator

Meng Wang, Ph.D.
B.S. Peking University      
Ph.D. University of Rochester       
Research Interest: You name it!


Technician, Princeton Svay Cuizhen Huang

Post Doctoral Fellows


Haining Zhang
Joint Ph.D.Insititute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Science and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
Research Interest: Big Data, AI.


Sena Mutlu      
B.S. Bogazici University      
Ph.D. Baylor College of Medicine      
Research Interest: Olfactory regulation of energy homeostasis.


Qian Zhao
B.S. China Agricultural University
Ph.D.Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology
Research Interest: Structure and function of the lysosomal transporters, Proteostasis and ageing, Cross-organelle communication.


Mooncheol Park      
B.S. Yonsei University       
M.S. Yonsei University       
Ph.D. Seoul National University      
Research Interest: Aging, Inter-species interaction, Mitochondria physiology, Metabolism.


Mumine Senturk
B.S. Boğaziçi University
Ph.D. Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interest: Neurobiology, Aging, Proteostasis, Genetics, Inter-organelle communication.


Patricia Rohs      
BHSc. University of Calgary      
Ph.D. Harvard University      
Research Interest: Host-microbe interactions, Bacterial cell envelope, Gut epithelial integrity.


Dinghuan Deng
B.S. East China Normal University
Ph.D.Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Research Interest: SRS microscopy, Multimodal microscopy, FLIM, Microscopy Image Processing.


Yue Zhou
B.S. Xiamen University
Ph.D. University of Florida
Research Interest: Metabolism, Cell biology, RNA.


Qinghao Zhang
B.S. Liaoning Normal University
Ph.D. Marine Biology Institute, Shantou University
Research Interest: Aging, Epigenetics.


Xing Ma      
B.S. Peking University       
Ph.D. University of Kansas Medical Center      
Research Interest: Microbiota-host interaction, Aging, Metabolites.


Tao Chen
B.S. Peking University
Sc.D. Peking University
Research Interest:Optical microscopy in biomedical application, Metabolism, Molecular distribution and dynamics in living organism.

Graduate Students



Lang Ding      
B.S.Hunan University of Chinese Medicine      
M.S. Ocean University of China      
Research Interest: Glycosylation, Longevity.


Marzia Savini
B.S. University of Bologna
M.S. University of Bologna
Research Interest: Longevity regulation, Organelle crosstalk, Technology development, Complexity of neuronal circuits, Gut-brain axis.


Shihong Max Gao     
B.S. Peking University      
Research Interest: Aging, Lysokine signaling, Lipid catabolism, Metabolic sensors.


Yi-Tang Lee
B.S. National Taiwan University
M.S. National Taiwan University
Research Interest: Reproductive aging, Gene environment interaction, Mitochondrial dynamics regulation of reproduction.


Youchen Guan
B.S. Zhejiang University
Research Interest: Lysosomal protein in regulating longevity.


Guo Hu      
B.S. China Pharmaceutical University      
M.S. University of North Carolina
Research Interest: Lysosome function and signaling, Mitochondria dynamics and function in aging, Microbiome and host interaction, Nutritional genetics


Isaiah Neve
Patent Agent at Choate Hall & Stewart

Louis Mak
Clinical Genomics Scientist at Baylor Genetics

Yong Yu
PI at Xiamen University

Jonathon Duffy
Clinical Trials Associate at IQVIA

Feng Jin
Senior Scientist II at AbbVie

Sudha Krishnan
HR Generalist at Moderna

Prasanna Ramachandran
Pediatric Resident at Baylor College of Medicine

Bing Han
PI at Children's Hospital Fudan University

Chih-Chun Lin
Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell

Jessica Sowa
Assistant Professor at West Chester University

Andrew Folick
Endocrinology Fellow at UCSF

Holly Doebbler
Research Coordinator at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Yusi Fu
Faculty at Creighton University

Ahmet Yavuz
Data Scientist at Known Medicine

Peiwen Hu
Lab Operation Manager at Astellas Pharma Inc

Ravi Medikonda
M.D. Student at Johns Hopkins

Timothy Mahoney
Director of Special Projects, BCM

Tyler Finamore
Ph.D. Student at University of Notre Dame

Lucas Sanor
Ph.D. Student at Yale